Normal Version Edit

1187 SSR

Character Matsuura Kanan
Attribute Pure
Set Angel Set - Aqours
Released April 30th, 2017
Pair Takami Chika
Skill Info
Skill Name Entrance of Happiness
Skill Score Up
Skill Name Entrance of Happiness
Skill Name Entrance of Happiness
Center Skill Pure Star
Unidolized Idolized

Clean SSR Version Edit

Unidolized Idolized

Transparent Version Edit

Unidolized Idolized

Icon Edit

Unidolized Idolized

Set Cards Edit

#1188 UR Sakurauchi Riko

#1192 UR N/A

#1187 SSR Matsuura Kanan

#1191 SSR N/A

#1190 SR N/A

#1189 SR N/A

#1186 SR Kurosawa Ruby

#1185 SR Watanabe You

#1184 SR Kurosawa Dia

Skill Information Edit

幸せの入り口 / Entrance of Happiness (Score Up)

For every 26 notes, there is a 33% chance of increasing players score by 530 points.

(Level 1)

Pure Star (Center Skill)

Pure increases (+7%)

Stat Information Edit

Level 1: Edit

Smile: 2990

Pure: 3800

Cool: 2260

HP: 4

Level 70: Edit

Smile: 3990

Pure: 4800

Cool: 3260

HP: 4

Level 90: Edit

Smile: 4290

Pure: 5100

Cool: 3560

HP: 5

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