The Aqours girl featured in this card is Sakurauchi Riko, from Uranohoshi Girls' High School.

Normal Version Edit

1188 UR - Sakurauchi Riko
Skill Info
Unidolized Idolized

Clean UR Version Edit

Unidolized Idolized

Transparent Version Edit

Unidolized Idolized

Icon Edit

Unidolized Idolized

Set Cards Edit

#1188 UR Sakurauchi Riko

#1192 UR N/A

#1187 SSR Matsuura Kanan

#1191 SSR N/A

#1190 SR N/A

#1189 SR N/A

#1186 SR Kurosawa Ruby

#1185 SR Watanabe You

#1184 SR Kurosawa Dia

Skill Information Edit

Happy Life (Perfect Lock)

For every 27 notes, there is a 39% chance of turning all goods and greats in the next 4.5 seconds into perfects.

(Level 1)

Pure Angel (Center Skill)

Pure increases drastically (+9%)

Stat Information Edit

Level 1: Edit

Smile: 2610

Pure: 3850

Cool: 2980

HP: 5

Level 80: Edit

Smile: 3800

Pure: 5040

Cool: 4170

HP: 5

Level 100: Edit

Smile: 4100

Pure: 5340

Cool: 4470

HP: 6

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