Welcome to the LLSIF Card Wiki~! Edit

Welcome to the Love Live! School Idol Festival Card wiki! We hope that this wiki will give you information about the cards that you've been trying to find along with scouting information for some of the cards. Please feel free to help us out!

Japanese Scouting Boxes! Edit

(7-15-17) UR Release JP

Aqours Edit

(7-15-17 Release)

Circus Set Part 2/2;

UR Kurosawa Ruby

SSR Tsushima Yoshiko

SR Kurosawa Dia

SR Takami Chika

(7-10-17) UR Release JP

μ’s Edit

(7-10-17 Release)

Ice Cream Flavor Part 3/4;

UR Tojo Nozomi

SR Minami Kotori

English Scouting Boxes! Edit

(7-19-17) UR Release EN

Aqours Edit

(7-19-17 Release)

Animal Set Part 2/2;

UR Kunikida Hanamaru

SSR Kurosawa Dia

SR Watanabe You

SR Sakurauchi Riko

(7-15-17) UR Release EN

μ’s Edit

(6-28-17 Release)

Pajama Party Set Part 1/4;

SSR Nishikino Maki

SR Tojo Nozomi

SR Ayase Eli

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